Humankind is strangled

In this crucial moment of our lives, when the whole world is fighting for survival, when we are fighting the adversary against whom the defeat is not an option, when we with uncertainty are waiting for the “day after tomorrow”, when we are preparing ourselves for that new and bizarre way of life, the world of masks and social distancing, police officer, who was supposed to protect us, suffocates another man with knee, pressing his neck for several minutes, despite screams of people around him, begging him to stop.

Together, with George Floyd, humankind too was strangled.

But this is not going to be our end.

Let this be the moment when we are going to stand together, this time united as a HUMAN RACE.

And to you, mister officer, I wish an eternal life – life of shame and complete isolation. You are not a human being, you are just an error in the evolution. You will be abandoned by your family and friends and by the rest of humanity.

We as a race will rise again, and on the ruins of this world, build not just a better one but a brand new world with honor, honesty, and fearlessness as his foundations.

Everyone is born to die once,
but honor and shame,
they live FOREVER – Njegos