Love is a losing game

Relationship is not like math, but sometimes we act like it is. It is a puzzle. It doesn’t have the same solutions. Some time 2 + 2 = 3, sometime result is 5, but never 4. There is no logic in love, only confusion, sadness and regret. I should have done this or that. It is all bullshit. Result would always been the same. You would lose. Call it a destiny, call it whatever fuck you wanna call it … but you are fucked in ( the ass ) any case. What can you do at the end … I don’t have a fucking clue. Drink, do drugs, fuck other people … but neither of this shit will help … trust me … hit the road maybe … move to another planet … for us in Serbia the other planet is probably USA … so I will try that … and if it does not work … in the end … I can always kill myself. Die young and beautiful …

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